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Operational Excellence


    Sustainable Improvements

    • Many companies put in a lot of assets and resources for their operation processes, and expect to see great results. Unfortunately, most times the results don't comes to those grabs and the companies performance is showing a negative trend.
    • Our approach is assessing the whole company’s operation. We assess the current situation and propose a plan to reduce the amount of non-value added tasks performed, which leads to a more efficiently run operation. We will work together with you to improve your processes by using Lean methodologies, examples 5S, defect reduction, SMED and Business Process improvements.
    • We help you with training, implementation or managing the improvement project together with your team. Together we create sustainable improvements that will lead to better performance and will clearly set targets for continuous improvements of the company. We help you setting up a Lean / Operational Excellence program that is adapted to your company's needs

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